Transport Solutions: from Research to Deployment - Innovate Mobility, Mobilise Innovation!
14-17 Apr 2014 Paris La Défense (France)

Scope and Topics

TRA is not only a research conference, but an arena which aims to bring together European stakeholders from all areas of transport and transport-related activities. The scope of the conference encompasses all modes of surface transport: road, rail, waterborne, urban transport, planning and mobility, as well as co-modality.


Latest achievements in European research and the technological developments needed for the next decades will be presented, discussed, shared and debated by all the involved parties.


A broad spectrum of research and innovation activities ranging from basic sciences to application-oriented engineering, as well as social, technical and economic aspects, policy and standards will be represented with examples of market uptake and deployment being of particular interest.


The topics and modes to be addressed are:


  1. Environment and Energy
    Electromobility, Greenhouse gas and pollutant emission, Optimisation of energy use, Alternative fuels, Fuel infrastructures, Impact on biodiversity, Noise and vibration, Electromagnetic compatibility
  2. Industry Competitiveness
    Market uptake, Innovation process, Demonstrators, Field operation tests, Cost effectiveness, Technical harmonisation, Industrial property rights, Small and medium enterprises, Industrial cooperation, Innovative procurement
  3. Logistics and Mobility Systems and Services
    Sustainable & efficient mobility, Innovative services, Passenger transport, Freight transport, Urban and local/medium and long distance, Congestion
  4. Safety and Security
    Accident mitigation, Crashworthiness, Vulnerable users, Infrastructure-vehicle-driver aspects, ITS solutions, Health and biomechanics, Energy absorption, Fire performance, Blast resistance, Failure investigation, Security and crisis management, Risk management, Resilience
  5. Transport Infrastructures
    Roads, Tunnels, Bridges, Railtracks, Stations, Seaports, Canals, Locks, Geotechnics, Design, New materials and technologies, ICT infrastructures, Asset management and monitoring
  6. Transport Policy Research/Socio-economic/Human sciences
    Transport strategy and planning, Strategic transport technology plan, Pricing, Behaviour, Perception, Accessibility, Micro and macro-economics, Gender issues, Ageing issues, Land use planning and management, Regulatory environment, New investment models
  7. Vehicles & Vessels Technologies
    Cars, Trucks, Buses, Powered 2 wheelers, Bicycles, Trains, Ships, On-board equipment, On-board ICT, New materials


A. Road
Highways, Urban and rural roads, Passenger and freight transport, Cycling, Pedestrian
B. Rail
High-speed, Passenger and freight railways, Urban rail systems
C. Waterborne
Maritime, In-land waterborne, Short sea shipping, Passenger transport and cruises, Containers, Dredging
D. Cross-modality
Co-modality, Inter-modality, Combined transport, Interfaces, Intermodal terminals, Integrated infrastructures, Public transport
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