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                     TRA 2014 - Awards

The PC sorted out 600 papers and 160 outreach marketplaces a few awards, for best papers, oral and poster presentations,
and Outreach marketplace (poster only). The number and quality of submissions made the selection extremely difficult and many more excellent submissions could not be formally recognized yet. High quality future dissemination is planned through journals and books.

Best papers
Best scientific paper

Full scale test on prefabricated slabs for electrical supply by induction of urban transport systems
Hornych Pierre (1), Nguyen Mai-Lan (1), Kerzreho Jean-Pierre (1), Perez Sergio (2)
Best application paper

CFD Approach to resistance prediction as function of roughness
Demirel Yigit (1), Khorsanchi Mahdi (1), Turan Osman (2), Incecik Atilla (2)
1 - Department of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, University of Strathclyde (United Kingdom), 2 - Department of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow
Special PC award

Interpretive Structural Modelling of Security System for Better Security Management in Railways
Srivastava Anoop (1), Swami Sanjeev (2), Banwet Devender (3)
1 - IG Railway Protection Special Force and Research Scholar (India), 2 - DEI Dayalbagh Agra (India), 3 - Indian Institute of Technology (India)
Best presentations
Best academic oral presentation

Sensor City Mobility - using sensory data for advanced mobility information services
Burgmeijer Jan, Vonk-Noordegraaf Diana, Klunder Gerdien
TNO (Netherlands)
Best application oral presentation

Transportation infrastructure monitoring using satellite remote sensing
Hoppe Edward(1), Bruckno Brian(2), Campbell Elizabeth(2), Acton Scott(3), Vaccari Andrea(3), Stuecheli Michael(3), Bohane Adrian(4), Falorni Giacomo(4), Morgan Jessica(4)
1 - Virginia Center for Transportation Innovation and Research (United States), 2 - Virginia Department of Transportation (United States), 3 - University of Virginia (United States), 4 - TRE Canada Inc.
Best scientific poster

The project MoDe - Maintenance-on-Demand Concepts for commercial vehicles
Bein Thilo, Bonnot Thomas, Kemps Pascal, Bart Peeters, Elberskirch Dominik, Philipp Francois, Schirling Andreas, Thomas Bob, Turvanen Peitsa, Huovila Henrik, Khoury Elias
Fraunhofer LBF (Germany)
Best application poster

Development of the European road safety knowledge system
Yannis George (1), Thomas Pete (2), Muhlrad Nicole (3), Martensen Heike, Aarts Letty (4), Evgenikos Petros (1), Papadimitriou Eleonora (1)
1 - National Technical University of Athens (Greece), 2 - Transport Safety Research Centre, Loughborough University (United Kingdom), 3 - Institut Français des Sciences et Technologies des Transports
Best posters (Outreach marketplace)
#28159 A semi automatic device for the assessment of railway tunnels
Bertrand Collin, Geraldine Camp, Pierre Carreaud
SITES (France)
#28603 A laboratory validation method proposal for remote sensing vehicle exhaust emissions
Simone Casadei, Angela Maggioni, Davide Faedo
Innovhub SSI (Italy)
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